Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shanghai Noodle Factory

In a Shanghai Noodle Factr'y. Place where I once used to be. No where doing nothing. People there were made of steel. Tiny cogs in one big wheel

I was watching with some interest the story about the Chinaman who beat his girlfriend and sexual abused and tortured her puppy..why anyone would do that, I don't know...torture and sexual abuse of a puppy?? automatic death sentence...the dude is a cretin, a sicko, a freak...beyond comprehension

I would post a picture but chinks all look alike,  the slanty-eyed beasts!!

but he was found guilty and sentenced to a year in jail out of a possible 7 years

probably be out in a month or so...Judge Brian Hill presided over the trial and Hill is the judge who sentenced the crazy chink...and let Peter Lance off the hook for his DUI

letters to the News-Press and other media indicate many folks were were stunned that the sentence was so light..but I've told you before about Judge Brian Hill...his courtrooms are a 3-ring circus and the Hill is a dummy...clueless...a flake...incompetent...I tried to hit on his pretty ex-wife but she rebuffed my Polish.....geez, I coulda saved her!!

but then I remembered the National Parks Service and Nature Conservancy plotted a scheme to kill thousands of innocent animals on the Channel Islands for no good reason

oh, in the name of biodiversity and to "save" the fox....they dropped poison on Anacapa island, they used helicopters and sharpshooters to kill pigs after fencing them in...they killed deer and countless other non-target species, they harassed golden eagles and yet they are hailed as heroes by some...

Channel Islands killing fields

so is animal cruelty a crime or isn't it? is killing animals ok?? sure when hunting for food or survival...predator and prey...however, the act of killing has spread to non-essential reasons like biodiversity or just for fun....or compassion!!!

so they're gonna hold a vigil for Davey the puppy and to protest Judge Brian Hill's lenient sentence...good!!

most people have a conscience which prevents us from doing such acts of cruelty....but we gotta deal with the ones who don't have a conscience

maybe this psychopath Mongoloid idiot when he gets out in a few months can go to work for the National Parks Service

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