Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer in the City

back of my neck gettin' dirt and gritty

while Judge Brian Hill may go easy on drunk drivers and puppy torturers, that's no reason to threaten him or his family...let's get some perspective and if you don't like any incumbent, recall him or can criticize all you want, but don't threaten or you'll end up in jail with that crazy Chinaman!

now I hear that the City of Santa Barbara is going to sue Plains All American Pipeline for the Refugio Oil first I couldn't make the connection or see how the City was affected but they say bad press hurts tourism..untrue! Wendy's been using her News-Press to dump on the City of Santa Barbara for years and the TOT are up...

however, I did go to the beach in SB by Fess Parker's to check it out...I did my own oil fingerprinting tests and the results were staggering but not unexpected...I found lots of tar on the sand, in the seaweed and many samples had Texas and Plains written all over them! BUSTED!!! so the city has a solid legal case...


I cruised by the DESAL plant and it appears the city wants to make the same mistake it made when they built it and voted for state water in the I guess suing Plains Oil could pay for the desal plant upgrade

upon returning home, I stopped by Santa Claus Lane and what was once a casual 1950s surf spot is a busy 2015 strip mall and I'm pissed...there's the Rain for Rent trailers, CALTRANS messy dirt pile and this monstrous development rising in the the Hell did this get approved??? it looks like a big Goleta apartment house complex..ENCINA ROYALE!!!

STOP THE GODDAM over-'s getting way too crowded here and that creates stress and anxiety for me...

and you never know when I could go off...that is no promise, that's a threat

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