Saturday, July 11, 2015

Heart of Saturday Night

stoppin' on the red, goin' on the green

I've tried to tell the morons over at the News-Press the diffrence between an oil spill and an oil seep, but they continue to keep their heads in the sand..Andy Caldwell calls Mother Nature the great polluter with all the "natural seeps" causing death and destruction in California

well, do you think a Plains Oil investor wants to see the company spend 100 million dollars on a spill clean-up or $100000 on preventive maint to replace bad pipes...of course's basic economic sense...

now I watched the Refugio oil spill disaster unfold with the rest of the country...I watched the impact of a sudden oil spill as it killed hundreds of animals from birds to sea lions..and fouled the fishing grounds...

this was no boating wasn't a seep and it
wasn't Jack the was an oil spill

Plains All American Pipeline is the culprit/criminally negligent...and I watched the clean up crew and something struck me...the guys in white protective suits head to toe.. I never once saw their faces...this oil spill sitch involved some sub-contractors and the clean-up crew was dispatched by a private company called the Patriot Environmental Services...I wonder if all these all-AmeriKin and Patriot companies are owned by FOXNEWS and Ruppie Murdoch....geez, talk about false patriotism!! SCOUNDRELS!!

not patriots at all..just I see in the Independent a story about a clean-up crew worker who got busted in Isla Vista for DUI...the guys were staying in one of the many apartment houses in IV..the Tropicana....then the question arises is Patriot Environmental Service hiring convicts for the clean up work??

there's a Tropicana Hotel in LA..Tom Waits used to live there..I'd go down to Hollywood to try and interview him..saw him a few times but he just mumbled something and walked away...what a character!!

anyway...I figured I'd warn ya..we got a bunch of Texas convicts wandering around the city

and they got nothing to lose...

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