Saturday, July 18, 2015

Little Darlin'

Ah, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya / Little darling oh little darling / O-oh where a-are you? ahoowahoowahoowahh

dog uninjured in traffic accident


I hear a bunch of sirens going off all day  the one time I looked and there was this accident on Highway 101...I got my camera and binocs and see some Mexicans involved, probably illegal.. and some blacks..probably doing drugs..and I saw a dog who was not injured...the fire engines were there and the paramedics tending to the dog to make sure he was ok while the victims lay injured and bleeding on the road...

if we had a stronger immigration policy, these accidents wouldn't happen scaring poor li'l darlin' doggies and I as a taxpayer would not have to pay to clean up after some blacks and illegals!!

round 'em up and ship 'em back!!!

now I keep reading about All Texas Plains Oil people and their oil fingerprinting (fingerpointing!)nonsense..simply trying to defer responsibility...look, after the Refugio oil spill, hundreds of sea animals started WASHING UP ONSHORE DEAD !! that was because of the spill, the stupidity and incompetence of Plains Oil Pipeline..

a bunch of Texas carpetbaggers...

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