Tuesday, August 11, 2015


think about what you're trying to do to me!!

think about what I'd like to do to theses mammals!

so in order to raise money for her crumbling empire, Wendy McCuckoo is renting out the News-Press building..possibly for VRBO type of deal...and she's charging for parking! what a cheapskate...but I wonder why she dint rent out space for Peter Howorth to rehab injured sea mammals.. and because Wendy didn't help Peter, he lost his licensce!! it was his responsibility to keep the license current...so you can't blame gov't
so I'm reading in the Independent the story of Marine Mammal guy Peter Howorth...Howorth writes a column in the News-Press about sea creatures....and he rescues injured sea mammals and writes about shark attacks and so forth...

when Howorth started writing anti-shark propaganda stories, I knew he was full of it..never trusted him and when he was at the Carp Playhouse Theater for a shark Colloquium, I was not impressed...I mean how can you blame sharks for taking a bite out of a seal? that's what they do and that's how they eat..they are an essential part of the ecosystem..and if you get bitten or killed it's because you're in their territory

it was Peter and his pals who came up with some screwball way to alert people of shark sightings on beaches...like posting notices in the News-Press among other things

from an earlier post: "so I read in Sunday's News-Press that Peter Howorth and his cohorts are working on a "Shark Warning System"...the Marine Mammal Center is a non-profit that needs money to save the sea lions and seals, so why not blame the sharks and issue warnings that you're next on the menu if you venture into the water..well duh, that's ALWAYS a possibility since you are entering their domain....again, it's the food chain thing but the number of shark attacks on humans is low, so the chances are slim you'll be attacked..it's possible but a warning system is just plain silly..these folks try to make themselves look inportant like they are protecting you and your kids from sharks, but they aren't...at all"
and remember, the Refugio oil spill killed and injured more marine mammals in one month than a shark ever could!

all these animal rescue teams I don't trust..these nonprofits that appeal to Wendy-types for saving the animals (or taking food away from predators and scavengers)

in some cases animals should be rescued...a coyote caught in a storm drain, or a deer caught in a fence...or a dog caught with the neighbor's wife...then rescue away I say...

but the other rescuer I don't trust is crazy Julia #69 in Solvang for reasons I've stated before..she's just plain nuts and doesn't rally care about animals..she agrees with killing non-native animals if they are injured!! removing animals from the food chain because they are cute and furry is silly

but anyway Howorth apparently was not licensed to do the work he was performing... was doing some work out of his house (???) geez, why not use the Zoo facilities??

but the governing board suspended him for the shoddy operation...

now I wonder if Julia has a valid license to "rescue" animals..

Howorth and #69..both Team Wendy members-the lowest standards

but if you think about it...this is a victory for the sharks!!


spitfire squid said...

Peter Howorth seemed like a good guy. But I'm grateful that I move quickly. (NASA's JPL could learn a thing or two from me, if you get my drift.) Didn't want to wind up "rescued" into someone's calamari platter.

Anonymous said...

Wendy McCaw wasn't the first to try generating money from parking spots. The New York Times used to lease out part of the back parking lot to a valet service. News-Press employees were warned to not park there. And the permatemps (you know, the folks who keep getting rehired but never get benefits) working for the News-Press under the NYT were threatened with having their cars towed. As one former N-P exec put it: "Parking is not a perk of employment."

Mick Von Caw said...

Squid..I'm glad to see you survived the Plains All American Oil spill!

Anonymous said...

Of course poor Peter Howorth has been forced to try and save animals in his yard, like some back-alley abortionist, working with what he can. How has the great champion of animal rights Wendy McCaw helped him? But contributing to his efforts with her filthy lucre? No, by cutting in half the fee she pays him and freelance writers, forcing them onto the public assistance that she hates so much). Poor Peter has been working for McCaw for years, yet she tries to squeeze blood out of people for free stories for her lousy paper. Peter has contributed to the News-Press for years, but he gets the knife in the back for his contributions. So no wonder he's working outside the rules, trying desperate to help the animals he really love -- unlike someone who claims to be an animal rights activist, but give next to nothing except to keep her probable tax shelter alive.