Saturday, January 4, 2014

a fine mess

ah aaaah oouuh wouhou / ah aaaah oouuh wouhou / So you see / You've got me back again for more

ok on the front page of the News-Press were two interesting local one from AP...the local one was covered by online media way before the News-Press but print media is always slow which is why I'm on the computer right now...I 'll read the paper later when I go get coffee, ok?

the first story caught my eye because of the's about the Brian Tacadena case..Bri's family is filling a 10 million dollar claim against the city for police brutality and murder or whatever...the News-Press incorrectly said the case was going to court...maybe it will but not now

I don't know what happened that night and neither do they, but a cop shot Tacadena on De La Vina..Joyce ruled it justified and Brian allegedly had meth in his system and was brandishing a big knife...if that's not true, then the cop was just taking target practice or joy-killing which is unlikely..

but the front page picture had Cruzito Cruz in it and some other fat bearded kid who has an outfit called Cop Watch...I saw Cruzito at the Lance hearings and the dude is thrown out of court for shouting incoherently during the trial one day..he was at the back of the court room and stood up and started yelling a bunch of nonsense..the bailiffs escorted him out..and he runs for city council all the time and always loses because he is a loser..and the lawyer seems like a real dimwit....a real butterball bottom feeder...he called the police invesigating their own an "oxymoron"...internal investigations happen all the time and are not oxymorons..these are oxymorons: clear-thinking meth head; smart drunk driver; a fine mess

I hope this all goes to trial by jury but probably the city will cave and settle....

next I see Ty Warner wants special consideration from a Chicago judge...Ty faces some prison time for felony tax evasion but due to an unhappy childhood would like probation instead of a trip to the big about a reduced prison sentence and probation to teach Ty some humility....this "unhappy childhood" plea is nonsense...

from paradise to prison, Ty?

and I'm still waiting for Ty Warner's name to be removed from Stearn's Wharf Sea Center....

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