Friday, January 10, 2014

bridge of sighs

The sun don't shine / The moon don't move the tides / To wash me clean

just when I'm warming up to NJ Gov Chris Christie as a possible presidential candidate, he goes and launches a terrorist attack on the Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ...and right around 9/11 ...acccording to recently exposed emails, his top staff members cooked up the plot to cause a traffic jam at the Washington Bridge as political payback to the Fort Lee mayor and Christie claims he knew nothing... the bridge is critical thoroughfare between New York and New Jersey and the gridlock lasted four couldn't get to school, people couldn't get to the hospital...New Yorkers used the bridge to escape the 9/11 chaos!!

...everyone on Team Christie is pleading the 5th and risk contempt of investigative hearings....well, this is the weirdest political scandal I've ever seen and Gov Christie will resign I bet

well I am reading a complaint from AG Kamala Harris's office against a lady from Montecito who was a physical therapist....she was busted for DUI a few years ago around Park Lane, crashed into a big rock, drove home with no front tire, blew through some stop signs, and blew 0.21 BAC..she was drunk on booze and drugs, Lexapro and 450 mg of Wellbutrin3..the complaint was full of legal reporting mumbo jumbo so when I decipher it, I'll share some folks have said I know my way around a court room..well, I know where all the bathrooms are in the SB Courthouse that's for sure...the chick pled guilty and lost her Physical Therapist license as a result of the DUI incident...she worked at Cottage Hospital and has since gone back to Georgia....she has to wear an ankle GPS

ok it looks like actress Kelly Lebrock's hearing for DUI charges will be late January up in the colonies of Santa Maria..up at that court house....Darryl Genis is her attorney so the reports stay away from the booze now, ok Kelly?

and the News-Press is often an aid and lying apologist for surfer Darryl Genis who mostly counsels drunk people who drive...or allegedly drunk people or whatever...the point is people want to drive drunk and don't want to accept any responsibility until maybe after they get caught...

the NP has a few stories concerning DUI clients, the DMV and the CHP...


DMV, CHP to answer in dash-cam clash

August 16, 2013: The California Highway Patrol and Department of Motor Vehicles both have some explaining to do. Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge James Herman on Wednesday ordered both state agencies to report to his courtroom Sept. 11 to explain why they didn't follow court orders related to the release of CHP dash-cam footage for two DMV DUI hearings in which defendants are facing license suspension. Wednesday's hearing was called for a CHP custodian of records, who is facing contempt allegations, to explain why he or she didn't provide the videos requested by DUI defense attorney Darryl Genis. More»

CHP official faces contempt in dash-cam clash

May 12, 2013: A fight for dash-cam footage has a California Highway Patrol custodian of records facing contempt allegations as a local DUI attorney challenges whether the department has the right to control how he uses the material to defend clients. An unidentified California Highway Patrol custodian of records next month will have to explain to a Ventura County Superior Court judge why he or she failed to turn over video footage of a Santa Maria DUI arrest for a DMV hearing that took place in November. The DMV hearing in Oxnard was scheduled to determine whether defendant Timothy Steinart's license should be suspended. But CHP officials didn't turn over the footage requested by DUI attorney Darryl Genis after the attorney refused to sign a standard agreement that would bar him from using the video in any other cases. More»

well it looks like in at least one case the tentative ruling finds for the CHP...the guy who didn't release the video to the lawyers had good reason...

On April 29, 2013, the Department of Motor Vehicles filed a certification of facts to justify contempt sanction against the California Highway Patrol, Custodian of Records, pursuant to Gov’t Code § 11455.20. Pursuant to Gov’t Code § 11455.10(e), a person is subject to contempt sanction for failure or refusal, without substantial justification, to comply with a subpoena in an adjudicative proceeding before an administrative agency. Counsel for XXXXXXX served a subpoena duces tecum on the CHP custodian of records for appearance at XXXXXX administrative per se hearing before the DMV and production of various items, including a Mobile Video Audio Recording System (MVARS) video disc relating to his arrest (hereinafter "MVARS video").

The review of all requested MVAR videos, identification of third parties whose information is revealed and contacting those individuals would involve an extraordinary commitment of resources by CHP. The Non-Disclosure Agreement is a means of limiting dissemination of personal information that protects third parties and does not impede XXXXX's rights. The recordings also include privileged official information as defined in Evid. Code § 1040. People v. Jackson, 110 Cal.App.4th 280, 287 (2003) (ongoing investigations); People v. Lewis, 172 Cal.App.4th 1426, 1441 (2009) (surveillance location); People v. Jenkins, 22 Cal.4th 900, 957 (2000) (arrest records of third parties); In re David W., 62 Cal.App.3d 840, 845 (1976) (location of secret VIN). Though he has had notice of CHP’s response, counsel for XXXXXX has not come forward with any reason why he will not sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement or why he should not be required to do so. The purpose of the DMV subpoena is for use of the MVARS video at the DMV hearing. The Non-Disclosure Agreement does not in any way limit use of the video at that hearing. The court finds that CHP is not in contempt and need only produce the MVARS video when counsel for XXXXXX signs the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Tentative Ruling: The court finds that the California Highway Patrol Custodian of Records is not in contempt and need only produce the MVARS video when counsel for XXXXXXXX signs the MVARS Digital Media Admin Per Se Disclosure and Use Agreement.

was Darryl the attorney for XXXXXXX?? ?   I plead the 5th

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