Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jumping Jack Flash

is a gas gas gas....

the new year is off to a rollicking good start as the King Tides continue....they are awesome and powerful.. I went down to Carp beach by Linden and the tide was high and frothy...I read a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay called "Exile"'s a song about the sea

"wanting the loud sound and the soft sound of the big surf that breaks all day"

...the waves were big and you could hear them pounding the sand from the road...and people were fishing and surfing at the point..and just walking the sand...some hand in hand

the beach is full of minute the tide appears normal, the next minute it rushes up and jumps me!

over head I see two motorized hang glider planes checking out the King Tides...

I watched for an hour or so the powerful and beautiful Pacific Ocean...then I see a seal swimming around the big waves and he comes in to check me out...

ok so ever since Peter Lance tried to wiggle out of his DUI arrest, I've seen some unbelievable alcohol related things..I will continue to blog about DUI and the idiocy of it..and especially, the people who think it's their constitutional or biblical right to drive drunk will be shown the error of their ways..

normally on New Year's Eve, the News-Press would be doing a story by Scott Steepleton on the Tequila Crawl or something just as stupid..but I see a story in the Life section by Dave Mason (not the guitarist) about binge drinking...has the News-Press finally sobered up??

I don't know..all I know it's time to turn the radio up

ok now everybody let's rocknroll the New Year!!

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