Thursday, January 9, 2014

the air that I breathe

sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe

Wendy's front page tea-laced tirade on New Year's day against the anti-Ayn Rand crowd got me to thinkin' wonder she endorsed Orly Taitz's state senate run a few years ago..will Wendy's step up and run for office??? or just bitch from her Ivory Tower

proof positive greenhouse gases exist!

ok so it appears that Wendy and Andy went to the same school to arrive at the same ideas about carbon dioxide....they be sayin that CO2 is not a pollutant but a basic necessity for life...they say that the greenhouse effect is an AL Gore fantasy..and they say other things..some of which I cain't repeat here....

Negligent Moms

baby drowns while mom drowns her sorrows

now I know Andy is a preacher and his bible is the only reference to science he relies on..and I know the bible says go forth and multiply which is why Andy had seven kids...wait a minute, din't God tell Adam and Eve to multiply and they did right? and all the animals he told to go forth and multiply...and where'd Eve come from but Adam's that means Eve was the first transgender chick! I tell ya, I think the bible was full of stoners to come up with this stuff...but anyway...God was unhappy that Eve ate the fruit and cursed her to be submissive to her husband Adam who also was on God's shit list...then Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel and we know what happened against brother gave us the civil war...most of these problems are caused by negligent moms who would rather work and drink booze than raise children!

but who can blame costs money to educate kids even though Andy says he home schools them but the cost to raise a child is about ..well, according to my math teacher, the cost of a raising a child is roughly $241,080.

Times 7 kids = $1,687,560.

The price doubles if the child goes to college.....$3,375, wonder Andy nuzzles up to rich folks all the time!

and that's seven more kids from defective genetics breathing the same air I breathe and I contend they are not worthy....the Caldwells need to control themselves for the sake of the planet!! no more litters for you Andy!!!

but uh ok..I know Al and Tipper Gore are silly...Tipper tried to censor musicians and Al is a little late to the greenhouse gas issue...In 1938, G.S. Callendar argued that the level of carbon dioxide was climbing and raising global temperature, but most scientists found his arguments implausible..Callendar was interersted in the artificial production of CO2

Abstract...By fuel combustion man has added about 150,000 million tons of carbon dioxide to the air during the past half century. The author estimates from the best available data that approximately three quarters of this has remained in the atmosphere.

The radiation absorption coefficients of carbon dioxide and water vapour are used to show the effect of carbon dioxide on "sky radiation." From this the increase in mean temperature, due to the artificial production of carbon dioxide, is estimated to be at the rate of 0.003°C. per year at the present time.

put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

the carbon is what it is..I'm trying to get Andy and Wendy to think about all this in terms other than money and profits, but they won't budge..they think drilling for oil in Santa Maria will solve California's money crisis...well, Moonbeam has been doing a pretty good job of cleaning up after Arnold, so I'm not worried about California as long as people who love the state are running it....the others seem to want to to ruin it

but Wendy and Andy want to return to a time when there were no regulations and more freedom..ok so let's go back to ENRON and the Bush years...George Junior....let's see, what did President Bush do...hmmmm..well there was 9/11, the recession, the Wall Street crash, the taxpayer bailout of big private companies....and the Iraq invasion! WTF would anyone want to go back there for???

ok so now I can tie the greenhouse effect to money.....I can tie pollution to see, the Bush years brought us financial pollution due to lack of oversight and management...pollution of any type needs to be managed or it will wreak havoc on its environment...Montesanto Chemicals and the DDT dumps at the islands, the oil spill in the 1960s..and on and on

I used to go to LA and come back and my lungs hurt and eyes would sting...this was years ago...going through Carson was like going though hell...belching plants and brown-yellow skies..SMOG!!

Calfornia is no longer a dumping ground for polluters..for irresponsible businesses..some still are dumping, but they do it when no one is looking....

businesses should serve a purpose and make a small profit.....greed is no excuse for polluting want lax regulations, then move to Texas where they dump nuclear waste over aquifers!!

you can call it what you want but pollution is the issue..and controlling pollution is the goal....that's why I have a catalytic converter on my car thanks to the 1977 amendment to the Clean Air Act of 1970....

is the greenhouse effect real or just some junk science? is mankind affecting climate change? has accelerated use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution released more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.....

pollution is not a political's a public health issue

and even a mockingbird knows the rains follow the plow.....

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