Monday, November 28, 2016


me I'm flying in my taxi, taking tips and getting stoned

I was watching Taxi Driver and I don't know if I'd watch it if Cybill Shepherd wasn't in it..dang God Almighty, she is just beautiful and a great actress...but I don't know any of the players in Taxi Driver and have no connection with them other than Ellen DeGeneres, who was sitting beside Robert De Niro at a recent Awards ceremony at the White House...I met Ellen informally when she was shopping for antiques in Summerland with her girlfriend at the time..this was around 1999 or so...maybe 2001 but I was driving down Lillie Ave, saw her, stopped and backed up and asked her if I could take her picture..she said "well since you asked, sure!"

so I took a pic said thanks and took off..she was very nice smiling and gracious and turned that winning combo into millions of dollars....

but I used that picture in my little book about Santa Claus Lane...I and others wanted to preserve the California car culture of the Lane but others wanted to turn it into Cape Cod Villa...the big red Santa statue was removed but we got to keep the name Santa Claus Lane..and the business owners, at least a few, kept crying that the name Santa Claus Lane would hurt property feeling was that was poppycock and the land values would increase and today we have some condo type homes for sale right on the Lane, a few steps from the railroad tracks and they are going for over 4 MILLION DOLLARS EACH!!

Santa Claus Lane..pricey!!

so the folks who have businesses on Santa Claus Lane should thank me....

the Lane has a great beach and lovely scenery and some good vibes

the kind of vibes I get when I look at Cybill Shepherd

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