Sunday, November 27, 2016

Turn Back The Pages

life's too short for ritualistic chases


the only thing Cuba did to the United States was make us look foolish and incompetent with the attempted CIA-led invasion of Cuba, the Bay Of Pigs..ever since we've been mad at Fidel Castro, who just died at 90 years old...but Cuba's ok with me...they can run their country whichever way they want, just like the place is very romantic with the cigars, the booze, the women, the dime dances and... the REVOLUCION!!!

Trump, don't fuck up the Cuba deal Obama negotiated and don't drain the ocean!

back at home, the conservatives are mighty worried about the illegals in our country and are excited that Trump promised to build a wall down south..but Trump has already broken all his promises he made during the campaign so a wall ain't gonna happen..and he backtracked on having a special deportion crew to round up 11 million illegals and deport them....and he won't lock up Hillary
but those promises were meant to appease the teabaggers- many voting for Trump...Trump knows damn well that illegals keep the hospitality business his hotels...and the agriculture industry employs illegals but nobody is suing the farmers....the conservatives have fought not to reform immigration other than to keep it you really think white people are gonna change bed sheets and pick lettuce in the fields?? or join a union???

get real

Serendipity sleeps...and Providence sings

and as I said before, every city with a church is a sanctuary city and now I see even FOX News agrees with me....

everyone can find refuge and sanctuary in a church...

even me

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