Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Searchers

well, I plan on getting myself unsurrounded


so I'm watching The Searchers...a great American western with John Wayne...John Ford directed the epic scenes

I hadn't really watched it much before because it's rarely on TV, but tonight I did...that big Carpinteria moon was shining bright outside...when the light hits the waves, it looks like electric eels surfing

so I'm watching the Searchers and see some things that give me a thrill...John Wayne and Olive Carey in a little ranch house...Vera Miles, who played the gorgeous sister of Janet Leigh in Psycho, plays Olive's daughter and she is just on fire beautiful!! Harry Carey, Jr and Natalie Wood rounded out the incredible cast..WOW!!

oh, I love these old westerns....The Searchers is brilliant and disturbing ....and a little odd

I've mentioned Rancho Monte Alegre in the Carpinteria foothills is up for auction in reserve and a $32 million target...having lived on the ranch in the 1990s, I wondered should I bid.. I will if I come up with 32 million dollars

Olive Carey lived on the ranch until she died in the old pink of the owners, a character herself, just loved Olive!

I rented that pink cottage a few years after Olive Carey died..... I had a wild time up there..the most beautiful piece of land I've ever seen..and I heard from the crazy but fun owners at the time that Olive held cocktail parties at her cottage with the likes of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum dropping was Olive who gave John Wayne his break in showbiz and he never forgot her

so I stayed for a few years in a cottage that Olive Carey lived and died in and John Wayne walked and partied in...and they were in the Searchers together... with Vera Miles

Olive left her cool old burgundy piano in the cottage..I'd play it at night..all the lights off except for the one over the had a cover of stained glass and looked eerie and beautiful when lit...

and I'd play that piano and I swear Ollie's ghost was in that cottage

I think about that beautiful place and it still gets me to this day...

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