Wednesday, November 9, 2016


in that case I'll go underground, get some heavy rest

well I may have to go underground to get away from President Trump and all the stoners in California...

roll me over, Romeo..there you go
Oh I voted.. unfortunately so did a bunch of other people..but I voted with a clear conscience

the election was exciting but Hillary lost her virginity and now all pussy is fair game which I guess is pays to be a white male because I never have to worry, 'bout what is worst or what is best...Trump can't deport me and he can't grab my pussy...but if he fucks with the stock market or the working class, I may have to become an outlaw again....


afterwards, I drove around kinda giddy at the historic nature of the election...then I see some early signs of things to come...smoke rising near Summerland..if feels like summer today but the stoners are out...Prop 64, the legalization of Mary Jane, passed..and the stoners knew it yesterday! their cars, in their houses, walking down the know if John Denver hadn't written that stupid song "Rocky Mountain High", this wouldn't be an issue

but at least it will be easier to rape stoned chicks now!

so Salud beat young gun Justin surprise there..yo Justin..yo...and evil woman Kamala Harris won big...Carpinteria School Dist picked up two good people....Joan Hartman beat Bruce Porter for 3RD dist supe..good!

drought? what drought?

the Montecito Water District got two guys supported by the biggest water wasters in do you think these over-manicured gardens look so lush in a drought???

think it's time for a change

hey Mr. DJ.. I just wanna hear some rhythm and blues music, on the radio, on the radio

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