Friday, March 22, 2013


me with a spoon

oh so the only way to stop Darryl Genis from lying and/or blabbing about his clients is to put a gag order on all his future DUI trials...gee, why didn't Judge Hill think of that??

the News-Press had the story so I'll go by Catherine Shen's account and if I mis-speak just blame her..slit the throat of the slit eyed lady so to speak....

now the reason I just said that is to make a point: Judge Rigali issued a gag order on the lawyers-don't say anything to the press about the Tony Denunzio DUI trial-

Shen's article went on to say that Judge Rigali said that the lawyers demeanor changed outside the court room...but the problem of course was DUI lawyer Darryl Genis' statement about slitting the prosecutor's throat...the Judge protected Genis when he claimed that Darryl was just kidding and people who were upset by it took the bait, which according to Judge Rigali was "silly"....

hmmmm..really judge? silly? a few posts ago I mentioned that Rigali also has an issue with women and I imagine that his comments calling the women at the Rape Crisis Center "silly" just confirms this judge dude another Akin???

so keep an eye on Judge Rigali and Genis....something is up with these guys...why are so so ok with  such violent comments about women??

give 'em some more rope I say!

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