Saturday, March 16, 2013

wah wah

I don't need no wah wah

ok so I get another letter from DUI protecter/ lawyer Darryl Genis...that's TWO so far..don't we have stalking laws in this state?? Darryl confesses some stuff to me like he's not gay especially at the rumors aren't true? well I've never seen you with a woman Darryl, just tender moments in court with Peter Lance and Wendy's boy Scott I just kinda figured you guys were queer!

but if you're bothered by it, you can always "cure a gay with Chik Fil A"... a few chickum samwiches from the bible belt (upper State St) and you'll be fine...

Daryll attempts to get The Boss's autograph! 
then I get my score from the music trivia quiz Daryll gave...however, I contest the results..

actually two issues..first Daryll says that Hang on Sloopy was written by Roy Buchanan...Roy was a great old guitarist who invented the wah wah sound but was a heavy drinker:
Roy apparently came home from the local bar in West Virginia with some male person, who then along with Roy acted up, so Judy threw them out, then called the cops. The cops picked up Roy and, the county sheriff tells Jim Buchanan, he was jovial when locked up. Sheriff says they didn’t even arrest and book him and told him to sleep it off. A routine check supposedly found Roy hanging from his shirt in the cell...that's one version of the story..

and the McCoys recorded Hang on Sloopy with another great guitar player, Rick Derringer..the song as I said was penned by Wes Farrell who wrote alot of top 40 hits back in the old days....

next I have an issue with question #1...Kenny Loggins was never ever ever in the Buffalo Springfield.....ever...Crosby may have sat in with them a few times, but Kenny was just too precious for the Springfield...I met Messina once in an elevator at the Granada..he was on his way up to KTYD I think...I gave him a tape and he wrote back some words of wisdom, he told me I suck

I and about 50 other people saw Richie Furray at the old place by the waterfront...Messina joined him for a few songs

I talked my way backstage during a Stephen Stills concert at the County Bowl in the late -70's and asked Stills to listen to a tape I had..he was speaking Spanish...he took the tape and said "ok man"...

and Neil Young and I wrote a song called Cinnamon Toast ..."I wanna eat me some cinnamon toast"...which he later stole and turned into Cinnamon Girl!

so you see, I have had more contact with the Buffalo Springfield than Kenny Loggins....

ok you don't see me standing in front of juries flailing my arms around and screaming at the judge do you?? well maybe I did do that at Judge Hill's gangbanger voir dire a month or so ago, but I had my reasons..but does Judge Hill have his reasons??  hmmmmm..

the point is you stick to the drinkers and I'll stick to the music...

sweet dreams


Anonymous said...

Hey Mick- did you catch this quote from Darrryl in yesterdays N-P? I hear that his choice of words has upset Joyce Dudley and many others (not tomention the female DDA:

He plans to move for a dismissal of the case based on the legal doctrine of "former conviction" he added.

"Appearing jubilant about his legal chances, he added about Ms. Trieu, "I slit her throat and she doesn't even know she's bleeding."

Judge Rigali will hear the motions at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.


Mick Von Caw said...

Daryll's got some issues!