Saturday, March 9, 2013

the grand illusion

well there's hope the SB Grand Jury can be disbanded...they are nothing but a bunch of old conservative busy bodies anyway, aren't they?

El Dorado County no longer has a grand jury. There will be no grand jury report in June.

Kathryn Reed, Lake Tahoe News | March 1 2013

Steve Bailey, the Superior Court judge who oversees the volunteer board, signed a court order Feb. 22 dissolving this year’s jury. The document says the reason is because the grand jury numbers dropped below the minimum of 12 and "that due to the lateness of the year, alternate jurors cannot be sworn in and trained and thereafter conduct meaningful investigations before the statutory discharge of the jury in June 2013 …." ...

Sources close to the situation told Lake Tahoe News one member of the grand jury was regularly meeting with former El Dorado County Supervisor Jack Sweeney to tell him what the grand jury was doing. This violates state Penal Code...

Ray Van Asten, who was foreman of the 2012-13 grand jury, told Lake Tahoe News he is one of the jurors who quit. But he would neither say why, nor talk about what led to others quitting...


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