Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrate, Celebrate

dance to the music....

ok the City of Santa Barbara declared next week March 18th- 24th as Be Kind To Ugly Drunks Week..

in honor of Be Kind to Ugly Drunks week, Tony DeNunzio will be Honorary Mayor and be given the Key to the City! congratulations paisan!!! Joyce Dudley will be Maid of Honor....

Mayor Schneider will be out of town during the week working on gun control legislation in Washington, DC

Mayor Denunzio has issued a proclamation and the cops have been advised not to pull anyone over NO MATTER WHAT...

the City of Santa Barbara has more retail booze outlets than any other city in America, so this was a shrewd business move by the council and fully endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce..

"more drunks means more money" says councilman Frank Hotchkiss

and Palmieri's Bar and Rathole will be offering free drinks between the hours of 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM...dubbed the Very Very Happy Hour, anyone who downs a full bottle of Jim Beam bourban will win a free night at the Chumash Casino-Mexican division- and a day wine tasting in Santa Ynez!!

so Iya, Joe, Peter and all the rest..come on into Santa Barbara next are encouraged to drink and drive and have some fun for once without worrying about the cops busting you...go to the grocery store drunk..go get gas can even go to the post office and get stamps drunk!!

and remember kids: your parents booze cabinet can unlock a whole new world for you...GO FOR IT!!!

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