Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fly Like an Egalitarian...

time keeps on slippin..
I'll say one thing about the Teabaggers..they are ferocious in their efforts to remain ignorant..whether it's the Constitution or Bible or Islam they are talking about, you can bet context takes a holiday...
ok, so here we go again with a News-Press endorsement poorly written by either Nipper or Wendy... or perhaps both of them put on their thinking caps to come up with the piece..
now, some blogs can get away murder: with poor writing, filthy words, irrelevant postings, character assassination whatever the phuck that is, nonsensical meanderings, and perverted thoughts... hehehe..... but the News-Press is supposed to be a professional, class news outfit, with writers who can string coherent sentences together.
but the News-Press has failed numerous times to do this even though their content is tightly their puff piece about Teabagger Tom Watson, they say "he has military background, is a high tech entrepreneur who is highly regarded by his colleagues for his business acumen and decision making skills"....what does this mean??? where are the details? what is his military background? does he get a gov't pension? what is his high-tech venture? who are his colleagues? nobody except Wendy Nipper and Tom knows, I guess. Everytime I've heard Watson speak he sounds like he's psycho!! now to Nipper and Wendy: before you publish another opinion, enroll in City College for a remedial writing or English course. This will help you get your thoughts onto paper and you won't look like idiots...because right now you look like a couple of idiots...look at claim that university students vote in smaller numbers in mid-term elections, so Watson should have a better chance at winning versus Lois Capps...what an ignorant statement.. First Wendy says that the 23rd district is heavily gerrymandered to favor Lois, then in the next sentence says that many Republicans, from Lagomarsino to Firestone, have held office in the 23rd District!! and the "News-Press is proud to endorse Tom Watson to be added to this list"... uuuugghhh!!!!
and another rich lady who inherited her wealth thinks the same way: Nancy Crawford Hall, the conservative fat chick who owns the Santa Ynez Valley Journal still trying to buy Doreen Farr's seat for Steve Pappas..what is with these ladies??
incredible, ferocious's breath-taking!

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