Sunday, November 21, 2010


the most trusted news source to screw up the story: the News-Press!! the question on everydoby's mind is who is gonna fill the empty seat on the Santa Barbara City Council now that Das Williams is would I know and what rumors, Scott??
in order to have an informed idea who the candidates are, I should like to turn to a trusted local media source like the News-Press, right? well, that's what I did and I can tell you who won't be on the city council..Andy Rosenburger..and why won't he? because Scott Steepleton's story made him sound like a moron! First , the front page story was supposedly continued on page 8, but it wasn't on page 8, it was on page 5! Next, Scott quotes Rosenburger: "I'm an independent. I guess I've always been sort of listen to both sides."
This is from the city the last guy to fuck up like this was Matt Bloise giving the Dutch treat to the Danish..Nipper fired will Nipper fire Scott..or is there a double standard for brown nosers?? I pay 75 cents for the paper and I want to see some professionalism, not all these screw-ups! Thank God you News-Press managers don't have jobs with any real responsibility!!
ok then..let's see, we have a slew of folks wanting to be a council member but without the hassles of campaigning...what about Lanny Ebenstein, ya think he's gonna run? with his Eureka grow house issues? where was the News-Press or any local media on that story? strangely silent, indeed...where ya hiding Lanny? come out come out wherever you are.....
or what about former councilman Gerry DeWitt? Gerry had a cool show Sundays on KTYD called 60s Revisited, but things change...Breakfast with Bob.. reggae mon..
when Gerry was on the council, he voted for desal and state water when SB was suffering through a bad drought..shortly thereafer, Mother Nature provided the March Miracle flood and overflowed the reservoirs making both desal and state water unnecessary..whoops...trying to figure out water politics is an exercise in futility...let's just say, you don't miss your water, til your well runs Santa Barbara had the wells, the desal plant which never ran much more than the initial open house, and state water....and Gerry is involved with Citizens Planning Association...remember Save Our Santa Barbara and Lanny and Wolfswinkel and Dale and Mike? Gee, Gerry, if you wanted to control growth, why'd you vote for state water AND desal??
Carp has state water, too, which is one reason we pay such a high price....we need water, but we don't need more than we can use or store....prudent management of growth and resources is what the councils should focus on together and not be motivated by politics....all this other petty bullshit like gangs, bulbouts and the homeless would be solved if we had some prudent managers..follow me?
well, whoever gets the job I want you to walk over to Mike Self, grab her by the shoulders and shake her until her head falls off....if you want a revolution.. the only solution... evolve

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Scott's untouchable said...

Wendy won't fire him. Judges say he "prevaricated," "embellished" and "exaggerated" on the witness stand in legal hearings over her firing of reporters. He placed on Page 1 of the News-Press that story suggesting a former executive editor -- whom Wendy was suing -- had downloaded child porn on computers the paper bought used and passed around among various editors. The executive editor was not interviewed for the story. When Scott wrote an article about then Mayor Marty Bum and her misspelled name got in the paper, he immediately investigated the mistake as likely "sabotage" by union employees. (It was newcomers who handled the story, so no one was fired.) And he writes stories just the way his boss wants them. Nah, Wendy won't fire him. Who could she replace him with?