Sunday, November 28, 2010

and when I die...

my last request: Kathy Ireland, in my condo, naked..
Imagine being afflicted with a life-limiting illness, what would you do...would you go to a non-profit and ask them to grant you one last wish? well, what wouldya wish for? how about another 20 years of life without the morphine drip!
making dreams come true for adults with life threatening illnesses
well there is a local charity called Dream Foundation that can grant you a last, I don't know about you, but there's red flags going up like a silent auction...I deal in reality, when people are about to die, they don't ask for a dream to be granted..they complain, they hide out, they cry, they deal with it..and then they die. So the Dream Foundation which grants last dream requests to adults about to die, is really suspect....and with folks like Rob Lowe and Chris Edgecomb involved, I am certain there's some shenanigans involved...both these guys have shady pasts: Rob for filming his sex escapades witha minor; and Edgecomb for his role in exposing the defunct fraudulent Sheriff's Association good old boys club with a cast of characters like Andy Granatelli.. and howzabout Priscilla Presley, who injected her face with so much plastic even Elvis wouldn't recognize her!
so why would anybody go to these people for a last request to make a dream come true...and why didn't their dreams come true when they were healthy? and what good is a dream coming true when you're about to die? is this a joke?? isn't life itself a terminal illness??
first of all, dreams don't come true by wishing, you have to work for your dreams..and there's no guarantee they will come life, you take what happens and deal with it the best you can, unless you're Christian, then you pray to God for all the things you want, and he delivers through non-profit charity fraud!
but just in case.. me babe cos I'm dyin...right here, right now..


JOSH said...

But I'm dying before you. Come this way first K. I.

Mick Von Caw said...

No Way Josh..I'm at death's door!