Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful Losers...

all God's chirren are beautiful!

normally, I don't hang out with losers, and there's a lot of you out there, but I will give advice ever now and then...
Abel Maldonado: dude, you gotta pay your taxes and farm fines!!
Mike Stoker: running for public office does not count as running a small business... get a clue, dude!
Loren Mason: keep away from kids!!
Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina: have sex with each other and report back to me
Bill Brown and Lanny Ebenstein: Measure S lost because you two are clowns, join a circus!!
Tom Watson: buy the Big Yellow House in Summerland and make something of yourself!!
Tony Strickland: let me have Audra for a few nights a week...
Mimi Walters: change your first name because that's why you lost..there are no Mimi's in politics...
lastly, I was watching Mike Self on Ernie Solomon's TV show and they were talking about the election..both said students shouldn't be allowed to vote and Mike said the voters misread Measure T- confusing the words yes and no and that they actually wanted to ban medical marijuana shops...gee, Mrs. Self, you are sooo perceptive!!
first of all, Mike, your candidates and issues lost because YOU are stupid, not the voters; and remember: "Political campaigns and elected officials have used a variety of tactics over the years to keep students from voting. There are often too few voting machines, so lines stretch for hours. Sometimes, students are falsely told that they will lose financial aid, health care or even car insurance if they vote while attending school. But the quest to promote civic engagement by college students must begin with access to the ballot box."
As a college student, you have the right to vote from the residence that you consider ‘home,’ including your campus residence." Here’s the law nationwide: Anyone can register to vote where they live.
any attempt to stop you from voting is political and discriminatory and should be reported.. Mike Self should resign immediately from the Santa Barbara City Council for advocating such discrimination and because she's a loser!!

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