Monday, November 22, 2010

running on empty...

if nothing else, Mike Stoker is entertaining...all the election losers end up at the same place..the News-Press functions or pages..first there's Mike who insists that after talking to hundreds of people who encouraged him to keep running (that's a defense mechanism that defers blame to others when he loses), in Mike's mind he would have won if the planets were aligned in his favor...
he states that re-districting will finally give him the edge in 2012, maybe essentially definitely...this is classic Stoker: after speaking with hundreds of community leaders and key people in Sacramento, I have made the decision that I am definitely going to run for Assembly in 2012 should the new district be drawn to essentially be Santa Barbara County. And while many of you have strongly urged me to run if the district essentially remains the same, I definitely will not run should that happen.
well, Mike says he's lawyer but he needs to learn how to speak before he takes another step..essentially...well, Mike, at least you're real important to some "key" folks, except the voters..ha ha!!
then we got the Wendy Pee McCuckoo Roundtable Luncheon with Lousinana Governor Jindal on a book tour blaming Obama for the oil spill by the the audience were Hotchkiss, Mike Stoker, Tom Watson and all the ususal suspects...this is the same Jindal who is a notoriously bad speaker, like Stoker!!
you see, none of these folks can take responsiblity for their failures...the buck stops elsewhere...a really poor quality for a leader wannabe...and they flock to Wendy because she's rich..not by work, but by divorce...these folks are moneyhounds!!
ok, if she invites Joe Miller, the Alaska Nazi who lost to Lisa Murkowski, I will pay the 100 bucks and attend..I wonder if he'll arrest me for calling him a putz?
if these people want to win, they need to develop a work ethic, like this takes work work work to win.. not luncheons and lectures and lies and leeches!

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