Wednesday, November 10, 2010

c'mon get happy...

that's why they have happy hour, you know
many people are unhappy but why? we Americans are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness...oh, but there's a guarantee you'll find the bright elusive butterfly of love, happiness, to some, is also elusive...but lately happiness has been forced upon us, forced down our throats by the private sector! This culture of dog eat dog in a rat race suddenly wants us to be happy...well, maybe that's why happy boy David Cassidy was recently busted for DUI in Florida..the cops found half a bottle of whiskey in the back seat, which means the other half was sloshing around his brain! Cassidy played teeny bopper fave Keith Partridge in the 70s show the Partridge Family and now he's a Vegas attraction, in his 60s, playing a teen idol...whew, what a bummer!
then we got McDonalds...they serve meals that are full of fat and salt and to market kids' meals, they include a little toy and call it a Happy Meal...well San Francisco has recently outlawed this practice of bribing kids to eat bad food just so McDonalds can make a buck..and McDonalds has sued...the same McDonalds that told its employees "no raises unless you vote Republican"...the same McDonalds that on Milpas Street, allows the homeless to have sex in the bathrooms!! I don't eat at McDonalds anymore..they used to be ok, but the quality has dropped so low, I got sick once after eating a Big Mac...that didn't make me happy..
so the private businesses really don't want us to be happy..they create products that satisfy a feel good lust..then when we're hooked, we come back like junkies and make them rich..
and until we see the joke is on us, we won't change our can't be happy without can't row a boat on the sand...
so if you are sad today, don't worry about it because you'll probably be sad tomorrow, too..happiness is for suckers!!!

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