Friday, May 31, 2013

Papa, Don't Preach

Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep
Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep

I pull this picture out every now and then... a drunk guy ran up on the sidewalk, hit the wall, and crashed into a car in a driveway where kids Carp across from 7/11..the drunk could barely stand up...exercising his freedom and God-given rights as an American..another drunk American

just another drunk American

so I see a Montecito resident-Martin Maguire-was exercising his freedom driving his SUV on Old Coast Highway by the Montecito golf course...some other folks were also enjoying their freedom with a motorcycle ride on the same little highway....Maguire was allegedly driving drunk and crashed into the motorcyclists..he crossed over the center line into their lane because he was too drunk to see straight.....he is in his fifties...certainly old enough to know better...this info is from the reports...

drunk driving is no accident

the folks on the motorcycle suffered severe injuries

and this is what we can expect...horrific drunks causing such destruction but before cops can draw a blood sample, they need a "search warrant"...

and this was no accident..this was willful...and Maguire the dumbass should be charged with attempted murder if the allegations are true

and I guarantee if Maguire had been pulled over before he crashed into the motorcyclists, people would be crying about the cops abusing his "civil rights"...hey Marty, I know a real good DUI lawyer you could call!!!

one-armed bandits
make your mark!

next I see the Chumash Injuns have given a whopping $6000 to a Safe and Sober grad night for teens-the Chumash always come out with press releases about how much they give back to the community after taking a fortune from drunk gamblers..what a scam...
"Teens and young adults are going to celebrate the night they graduate and, for many, that celebration is going to be unsupervised and it will include alcohol, drugs and/or other risky behaviors," said Miren Armenta, the event’s chairperson and mother of a graduating senior. "I for one, will rest easy next Friday night since I will know exactly where my son is at and that I will see him, tired but happy, on Saturday morning."

this press release was in the Independent and right next to the story was a liquor ad!!

what teens are going to get loaded and high on Graduation night?? the ones whose parents spend all their time at the casino, that's who...

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