Sunday, May 5, 2013

smile a little smile for me, Rosemarie

I'd like to send a little smile to all you beautiful babes out there....luv ya!!

so I see some things I just gotta comment on....there's a story in the News-Press about the "Grenada" Theatre where an economic summit was I'm confused a economic summit? hey look, the DOW just hit 15000..the NASDAQ and S&P500 are at all time highs-end of summit!!

and I remember that in 1983, Reagan invaded a little Caribbean island called Grenada with the same population as Santa Barbara about 91000 people....and full of commies like SB!! I guess the conservatives are only happy when we're at war so they invade these teeny countries to make us feel big and strong...

that kind of thinking ends now!!

but anyway the writer Steve Sinovic must've been thinking about Wendy's Roundtable Luncheons at the Reagan Ranch Center because I think he meant to say the Granada Theatre that Wendy pumped 5mil into to get her name in wasn't even money she earned!! it was a divorce settlement as we know- but still the Grenada Theatre?? geez those News-Press writers are dummies

then I see that Mila Kunis was named the Sexiest Woman in the World and I agree..geez..a great big kiss to Mila from Mick!!!

next I see a guy got prison time, 90 days in jail and had to register as a sex offender for having 200 images of child porn on his low do you have to go to do something like that? oh wait, didn't Wendy McCaw have thousands of child porn images on her company computer at the News-Press?? yes, I think she did..and then she said she'd launch an investigation into those who would exploit children..perhaps some words would appear in the editorial section to help the cause...but instead we got Lanny Ebenstein trying to get rid of collective bargaining for public employees...and then Andy Caldwell jerkin' off over Ayn Rand every few weeks...but no words on the people who exploit kids...probably best for Wendy to defer attention away from herself...I mean if she is caught with images of child porn on her computers-and they are her computers since she owns the company-well I would think she should spend time in jail and register as a sex offender...

then I see infamous SB landlord Dario Pini got a fine-$75 for trespassing...his lawyer Josh Lynn who ran against DA Joyce Dudley but lost, said Dario was just trying to "recycle" some stuff he saw at a construction site...well, I often cruise construction sites at two o'clock in the morning after a few drinks at Palmieri's, looking for stuff to recycle, too...who cares if it's someone else's property!!

well, that's justice for ya!

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