Sunday, May 12, 2013

grazing in the grass

is a gas baby/ can you dig it!

well I suppose it had to happen..Wendy would spend Mother's Day using the News-Press to celebrate...animal moms!

that's right.... to the cows and pigs and chickens out there Happy Mother's Day!!

even a nut from PETA chimed in with a Saturday piece about animal moms...his plea to humans was not to eat meat or drink milk or eat eggs when you take mom out for brunch on Sunday..instead, make it a vegan brunch....I guess if you have Eggs Benedict it's animal abuse because the chicken suffered emotionally when you took its I of course have no problems eating eggs with a nice big juicy steak..never have and never will

we've been aborting millions of American babies over the years so why get excited about a few chicks that end up on my breakfast platter??

ok so Wendy fancies her self an animal lover..swell..we all love animals...but I'm not gonna wish a Happy Mother's Day to a cow unless your mom is a pig, then ok..

but really, I can't figure these people out.....some animals like wildebeests are made for grazing and being killed by lions for food...that's nature's way...animals die bloody deaths and are eaten sometimes half-alive by the predator...and besides, PETA didn't lift a finger to stop the Channel Island pig slaughter neither did Wendy...

so when PETA and Wendy-types assign human characteristics to animals like that psycho pet psychic chick does, it's simply a fantasy and worse a fallacy.....any attachment to offspring is a survival want the species to continue..there's no little piggie melodrama going on...this isn't a fucking DISNEY movie!!

in other words, pigs don't sing to their piglets..pigs are pigs and yes there are mom pigs but I defy you to find the father of that piglet..could be anyone....pigs are really promiscuous little porkers

is your mom a pig? have her email me, ok?

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Anonymous said...

Geez, Mick. No comment on the Celebrating Animals section? You didn't miss the writeup on Wayne Pacelle did you?