Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Light My Fire

the time to hesitate is through

oh boy...that organ intro in Light My Fire...that solo in the middle of the long version...that VOX Continental Combo organ...that was Ray Manzarek of course...lifting a bit of Bach and turning it into a rock classic....a song I've heard many times on FM radio..the long version..I always turn it's a great song...the Doors

here's a picture of Annalynne McCord-she is in her little Mini Cooper after an accident..she was sober, 21 and she's the kind of girl you write songs C'mon baby light my fire....


I read that Kate Walters was driving drunk..I saw the story on Noozhawk ...nobody was crying about police brutality on this one

then on EDHAT...and Roger the Scanner guy first reported it and a group called the Urban hikers had a story and some outstanding pictures..this is street, guerrilla reporting at its best!!!

the incident started in Gelson's parking lot where Kate was coming out of Harry's Cafe after some stiff drinks and disorderly conduct, and was arguing with someone and they got in her car-there was a little boy in the car-and Kate drove off drunk and crashed a few blocks later, into a lampost, injuring the little boy..the little boy is her son

so there's lots of questions about culpability here...the buck stops with Kate of course..but Harry's Plaza Cafe serves intoxicating drugs (alcohol) with cute names like White Russians and Bahama Mamas....a few of those and you're drunk.....should the hosts at Harry's have called the cops on Kate before she got into her car?? of course they should have...and they did, but not soon enough or forcefully enough...CITIZEN'S ARREST!!! and what about all those yuppiemuppies who were so concerned about Tony DeNunzio in the same parking lot...were they not concerned about that little boy in a car with his drunken mother driving??

and the cops responded but only AFTER Kate left and crashed and injured her son..apparently they got a search warrant which allowed a blood draw sample from Kate...see, the new law says cops can't draw blood from a DUI suspect unless you crash drunk and hurt a little kid because that's a violation of your rights...nice job Supreme Court...wimps

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