Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cracklin' Rosie

Aw, Cracklin' Rosie, get on board / We're gonna ride / Till there ain't no more to go

Cracklin' Rosie!

so Saturday the Carpinteria Flower Growers had an open house...

greenhouses and flowers... flowers-the cut flowers as the growers call them- Padaro Floral and the uppity Seaside Gardens..people milling about...

I love greenhouses and the vibe around here..the Santa Claus Lane area used to be a lima bean field before the car culture after the war turned it into a fun little rest stop....the greenhouses have kept development in check so I guard this area with the ferocity of a wolverine!

I walk around and see some big Dutch girls....blonde and strong and they could kick my ass so I kept my distance..but I would love a ride on one of them someday...I bet that big one could take me for a ride..that big one..I mutter "Cracklin' Rosie get on board,we gonna ride"...she ignores me

then I went into Summerland to check out the flora and fauna....I got out of my truck and walked around and spotted some flowers..all kinds of flowers and plants, living together side-by-side...thistle with the poppies...lupine with the pink thingies....ooooh.... my first bumble-bee of the season..a good omen...and the poppies are cool..they close up on cool cloudy days and open a bit more when the sun brightens things up..much like people!

and they have little clown-headed joker flowers close by to keep 'em happy-much like people!

so I'm walking around and some crows gather on the telephone wire to watch me...they fly around, they walk on my truck and we bond somehow...crows are pretty cool birds...maybe they think I know something they don't? or they know something I don't

well maybe we do....

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