Thursday, April 18, 2013

cry like a baby

Nobody knows except my pillow at night / All thru the day how many tears I have to fight / Oh when I'm all alone yeah / I just cry like a baby / I cry like a baby ...

ok, so we know now that DUI attorney Darryl Genis has earned his judicial kneepads with Judge Rigali à la Monica Lewinsky...did Rigali and Genis ever go into the judge's chambers alone with Darryl dressed up as Monica????

how else could the judge describe a BAC test as "irrelevant"?

so I see how it works...a person gets pulled over by a cop for reasonable suspicion, the person BREAKS THE LAW, ie, is drunk or DUI or driving without a license and he gets arrested or his car gets impounded...some folks get arrested hard and some folks get arrested easy, it's all up to them...but then after they get arrested they find a lawyer who can help them sue the city for civil rights abuse!! this is a little cottage industry and there's even lawyers who specialize in suing cities

Civil Rights: Police Misconduct in Los Angeles
Attorney Thomas E. Beck is a trial lawyer who specializes in Police Misconduct civil and criminal cases in Southern California.

Mr. Beck has completed more than 250 jury and non-jury trials involving police departments and officers since 1978.

what other occupation can you get sued for doing your job?? oh, I guess every job is a potential lawsuit!!

ok... so I said that three-time loser Tony DeNunzio would never sue the City of Santa Barbara for police brutality when he was arrested hard by Officer Tudor...poor Tony got bruises and has been crying like a baby about it for two years...was this dude ever in the service??

the reason I gave was the law..Tony has wasted taxpayer money by repeatedly breaking the law and then blaming the cops for his lack of self-control....and now he may sue the city..will he hire this Tom Beck guy? these types of lawyers are known as cop baiters..they exist soley to extract money from the taxpayers who fund municipal you think if the police force was privatized, these leech lawyers would be in business?? no because there would be no money in it for them...

from web surfing: "Thomas beck is the ambulance chaser of law enforcement. He figures its easy money to go after a police dept because 99 percent of the time they are offering a nuisance fee to get him out of his face. He is not a good criminal attorney at all!! he just figures if he finds some dirt on a cop he will make the whole case about some other bullshit so that he can quickly get paid and run. he is not part of a large firm and there isnt an ounce of professionalism about him. he should be disbarred for half the crap he does. you can watch his 4th of july self made b rated videos where he talks about how "all the cops are taught to be corrupt blah blah blah. I think that he probably wanted to be a cop and someone disqualified him so he has this personal vendetta against all of them. I hope and pray he never uses 911 not ever. "all cops are corrupt" more like thomas beck is corrupt. what attorneys are out there taking their clients cases personal? hes willing to put criminals on the stand to say anything bad against a cop hoping to sway things in his direction. every profession has good and bad people and maybe beck couldnt get any firm to hire him because he is a seedy character. what attorney makes video of themselves driving around in a car professing their contempt for cops?"

of course there are cases of crooked cops like there are cases of crooked politicians or crooked newspaper owners, but the stuff happening in Santa Barbara with the DUI cops doesn't even come close to anything corrupt or illegal, unless you're someone who's looking to steal some money from the city for a "civil rights issue"....

that's where the fraud is!!!


Not a fan of D.G. either; But said...

O.K. so let us agree that Denunzio, if not guilty of dui and successive dui crimes, is guilty of at least several vehicle code and moving violations as evidenced on camera. Denunzio also appeared to have evaded arrest.

But something is off with this SBPD action. The public statements and lack of explanations so far are lacking. Just start with the same video evidence. The full PD unit video showed Tudor as he hurriedly jumped out from the dark, from behind a guardrail, running to get to his squad car. Tudor was out of his jurisdiction to take a leak in the bushes and has the urge to rush after a code violation of a missing front license plate? This police action appeared to be of one of a setup. Of one lying in wait.

It's within the first 12 seconds of this video

Anonymous said...

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