Monday, April 1, 2013

Young American

he wants the young American....

today's April Fools: Wendy and her reporter Scott Steepleton

ok so this jury convicted two eastside gangbangers of 2nd degree murder when they stomped to death a clerk at a liquor store...they miscarried on the 3rd guy

and all these dudes gotta do is serve their time, take up painting, get into wine and they'll end up on the front page of the News-Press like Graham Pressley, one of the punks involved in the murder of Nicholas Markowitz ...this little knucklehead dug the grave while the others knuckleheads in their drug gang killed the kid, Nicholas...I guess to settle a drug debt of his brother or something just as stupid...

just a bunch of cowards: Ryan James Hyot - Erased his $200 drug debt owed to him for shooting Nick in the face and torso 9 times with Jesse's TEC 9.
Trial date: Oct/Nov, 2001. Found Guilty of First Degree murder with special circumstances. Judge Orders: Death! Jesses Taylor Rugge - Drove the van that kidnapped Nick and had Nick in his custody and care for over 80 hours. He was the one who duct taped Nick, walked him to his 12" grave and helped bury him.
Trial date: April/May, 2002. The confession considered inadmissible due to coercion. Found guilty of Kidnapping For Ransom, which serves a life sentence, but with parole! Only in America! Graham Pressley - showed Ryan Hoyt the spot in which to dig the grave. Graham dug the 12" grave that Nick was put into. Tried twice as an adult in 2002. Found guilty of second degree murder which serves a life sentence. Sentenced as a youth. Sent to California Youth Authority till he is 25. Released 2007.

Scott the Bear!
but now this little shit-fer-brains, Graham Pressley, fancies himself an artist and wine connoisseur and we know how Nipper and Scott love wine and the good life....such cultured gentlemen!

so Pressley's write-up was done by Scott Steepleton who seems to like the "twinkle in Pressley's eyes and his disarming smile"...Scott gushes that Graham is such a charming young man.... why I think Scott's in love with the boy!!

indeed, Pressley used to work at the Pub, an old gay bar!! Steepleton may be a "bear" lingo for an old hairy guy who likes skinny little twerps like Pressley!! hahaha

after serving time, Pressley left the country and immersed himself in wine and wine ventures and he puts together wine lists for local restaurants and draws pictures..

what Pressley really needs is five years in the military to make a man out of him, instead of a pussy...both him and Scott..what a pathetic enabling piece of crap this story is!! I hope the Markowitz family is more forgiving then I am...

now will the same treatment be given to the eastside gangbangers? will they get a love story on the front page of the News-Press..

I guess they will if Scott Steepleton has a crush on them.....

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Anonymous said...

The goal of this NP front page article is lost somewhere. Is it about the merits of juvenile sentencing? A courageous judge? A jail where rehab is working? Surely it isn't about art; those comments were scrambled. Perhaps Steepleton's real thoughts were lost in a smoke filled room.