Monday, April 8, 2013

Jenny was a Dream Girl

and the war on stupidity

so the war on drugs should be ended to allow everyone to be drugged out without consequences....well America doesn't function if everyone is a junkie..but go ahead pick your poison.....tobacco, cocaine, booze, heroin, and all the other nutty drugs people use to escape reality....

and then the porn industry is looking for places other than Hollywood to film because of the new condom films? really? are there any people left who watch these things? I've seen a few and they are just too stupid to watch more than a few minutes....then there's Jenna Jameson in the news again..the 38 year old porn star was busted for DUI last year and now she was busted for battery at a birthday party....

what good is freedom if you can't use it ways that doesn't drain society...whatever happened to self control?

well I had some self-control and decided to go up to Colds Springs trail for a little get away from all the city madness...a little respite from people and their disgusting behaviors...nobody is gonna get disgusting on me!!

oh...and while I was walking up by Casa Blanca where the foothills meet the mountains, where the sun meets the sky, where the hawks meet the trees, where the coyote meets the bear, I saw on the ground a condom....

a condom....where life begins

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