Friday, April 5, 2013

eight miles high

sidewalk scenes, and black limousines

well I don't know if I buy the Jeff Bridges as troubadour act...oh I used to watch Sea Hunt as a kid starring Lloyd Bridges..and Jeff was good in True Grit..he's no John Wayne or Glen Campbell for that matter...Glen was a troubadour..the real deal...a member of the Beach Boys..a session musician..great guitarist and fantastic voice....

but Jeff Bridges? I've heard a few of his songs but nothing to jump up and down about...Americana music..lots of good musicians doing that...Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams..those guys were the real deal...

I know Jeff may be trying to pretend or act that he's an old timey roots kinda music man now while his blonde wife attends ritzy society functions in Montecito..well, the whole thing smacks of phoniness...

and David Crosby showed up at the recent Lobero benefit...I saw David in the lobby when I went to the Odetta concert a few years back..Odetta, now she was the real deal..

and Crosby was part of the Byrds with the great Chris Hillman, Gene Clark, and McGuinn... I saw the Byrds at SBJHS in the 60's and that was cool!!

and Crosby was in CSN and he discovered Joni Mitchell...that's some pretty heady stuff but he blew it with drugs and had to get a new liver...I started thinking about new organs and how that might change you..what if I did drugs and needed a new liver and then one day Wendy fell off her donkey and died and I got her liver....I would be different, wouldn't I? I'd have part of Wendy inside I don't imagine the day when Wendy will be inside me or I'll be inside of her...hmmmm..inside, that won't happen...YUCK!!!

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