Wednesday, April 17, 2013

somewhere beyond the sea

somewhere waiting for me
so who's richer? Sarah Miller-McCune or Wendy McCuckoo....I don't know..but former arch-rivals Sarah and Wendy were pretty chummy at the Granada Gala and I think Wendy is poised to offer the News-Press to Sarah at a big discount!

and we know that Frank Hotchkiss is running again for SB city council...and we know Frank likes the big ships off shore....the travelers from those ships who visit Santa Barbara during a port stop and spend's all a boon to local businesses...

and we've heard about the food on those big ships causing ailments for whatever reason..bad shrimp is bad shrimp..

so I was concerned when Frank went on the Mr. Wimpy Show and when talking about Vietnam he started spazzing out like he just ate lunch on that big boat out there and Mr. Wimpy just sat there watching poor Frank suffer...

or maybe Frank was allergic to Mr. Wimpy??

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