Thursday, April 25, 2013


She comes down from Yellow Mountain
On a dark, flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire


ok well the News-Press is too snooty, Noozhawk is selling Westmont and Christianity, the Independent is selling booze and entertainment and the Daily Sound is dead....that pretty well sums it up so I could conceivably drop dead right now..but I won't

but what if I broke my leg, would you kill me? well maybe some of you would, but generally speaking, no... a doctor would put my leg in a cast and let it heal..that's the humane thing to do

but if you're a horse and you break you leg, they kill you, or "put you down" is the nice way of saying it and it figures what are these bon vivants always doing when they are not lifting up drinks, they are "putting them down"...

so the News-Press is proud of the fact that they broke the story about William the Wonder Horse last year taking a dip in the ocean off Summerland...Scott Steepleton claims the News-Press exclusively broke the story and everyone else just chimed in....what kind of a reporter says that? a very insecure one that's what kind...besides, that's how news gets out..someone breaks a story and everyone else chimes's just a story it's not a piece of gold...G-WHIZ SCOTT

now I don't think for a minute that this story about William the Wonder Horse was true or really happened...what horse in his right mind runs into the ocean?? the "story" was manufactured and staged and funded by the News-Press..a conspiracy theory if you will

but anyway William the Wonder horse was killed by his owner after Will broke his leg..the horse's leg, not the owner' other words, the horse William broke his own leg and William's owner put him down..killed the other words, the horse William is other words, William the Wonder Horse is dead!!

so I guess you could say that the News-Press staged the swimming event using a Hollywood horse and that made the other horse famous and increased his value among Wendy's wealthy trustfunder friends, then the real horse broke his leg and was killed for breaking his leg..

in other words, the exclusive but phony News-Press story actually and eventually killed William the Wonder was found out that Wendy told William to "break a leg" as his fame grew and public appearances became frequent...and what happens, Will breaks his leg!!

so the lesson is if you're a horse, don't break your leg around these ardent animal lovers or they'll take you out back and shoot you in the head with a fucking gun!

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Anonymous said...

And where's Bob the Tortoise these days?