Saturday, April 20, 2013


roll me over, Romeo, there you go

WTF is before my eyes? what am I seeing? what am I watching...well I'm seeing gadfly Michael Towbes at the Pacific Pride gala wearing a spikey dog collar and hanging around the old gay actor Tab Hunter..are these guys, Tab and Towbes, into that weird dominitrix sadist sex stuff and maybe Towbes just has that younger wife for a business write-off??

then I'm watching the cops nab the Chezchen ghouls in Boston..those COPS ARE AWESOME!!

then I see two old winos..Nipper on Mr. Wimpy's Show!! it was was was pathetic...oh, Nipper talked about how wonderful Wendy was/is and how she loves Santa Barbara and how she turned around the News-Press, built up the subscriber base, how everyone is happy who works there and he introduced unbiased reporting to the readers...and how he came in to help turn the News-Press around and get rid of all the biased reporters..and how he exposes gov't corruption....

then Nipper gushes over his new editorial writers Lanny Ebenstein and Andy Caldwell... geez, every word out of this guy's mouth is a bullshit!!

and he talked about his water expertise....Nipper says water is a diminishing resource...actually water is a renewable resource (see water cycle) unlike fossil fuels...water is used and can be overused for those big lawns in Montecito....I don't think Nipper has spent a minute working at a water treament plant...the water needs to get from the reservoirs to the treatment plant to the customers-the distribution system... and you need some water science training not to mention hydraulics, chemistry, biology and even psychology..and you need to be certified by the state to work as an operator at a treatment need real water experts to run all these different workers who belong to the union!! the unions that the News-Press hates!!!

so Nipper is no water expert... Nipper's water expertise is limited to being Wendy's chief waterboy..that's all...see I just exposed the phonies and frauds at the News-Press!!

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