Sunday, April 7, 2013

25 or 6-2-4

sitting cross-legged on the floor

I was sitting on the floor, doing Pilates, and browsing the Indy rag and there's an ad by the Teamsters-Graphic Communications- about Wendy and folks fighting the labor issue...the ad thanks Santa Barbara for pulling advertising and dropping subscriptions....

Wendy of course is anti-labor and anti-union anti-working class prefering instead to hire sweet young interns from the Young Miss America Foundation.. I wonder how many of those sweet young things Don Katich has tried to have sex with?? well who can blame him...a juicy young conservative blonde is just too hard to pass up...just too hard!!

but umm...let's see... I lost my train of thought...hmmmmm

oh yeah..the I started thinking about the ads and picked up the News-Press and noticed they had a few ads too.. now the Indy ads were more colorful and alive while the News-Press ads were dumb..they lacked originality and creativity...look at this one for Jesus..what a weird should not creep people and this one creeped me out!

selling advertising is what you make of can be boring or it can be fun and glamorous....I used to sell print and radio ads so I know where it's at..I know how to close...I was a madman

I decided to do a little comparison: the number of ads in the Independent vs the number of ads in the I went thru the pages and counted them keeping in mind the News-Press is a daily that charges 75 cents a day and $2 on Sunday; and the Indy is a weekly..a freebie

I think Wendy paid $150 million for the News-Press and I don't know how much the Indy was bought for...

28 or 145

ok so my count was 145 ads in the Independent and 28 ads in the Saturday News-Press...all ads were varying sizes but the bigger ones were in the Independent...and they were more colorful...

so if I were gonna place an ad in the paper...say a half page ad... I'd go with the Indy....I would leave the News-Press far behind because Wendy had a bunch of ads touting herself and begging for advertisers! there's one for Ampersand Video Productions and one for her upcoming Special Section on Celebrating Animals.....Wendy the Animal Lover..she thinks that should get her more ads!! I just learned that Craig McCaw-Wendy's ex who gave her all her money- well Craig is on the Nature Conservancy board of directors, the guys who did all the animal slaughtering on Channel Islands for "biodiversity" do you feel about that, Wendy??

geez, she must be hard up....but I've never seen her out on State Street, drumming up business by walking the beat...that's what she should do but she won't because she's afraid of commoners like you and me...she can't talk to you or me one on one because she'd melt like the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy threw some water on her!!

so I'd call a meeting with the sales team and talk all this out..but remember Wendy, talk is cheap....

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