Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Witchy Woman

see how high she flies

now I was against district elections before I was for them..and as every silver lining has a cloud, so too does every cloud have a silver lining...

what am I talking about..well who knows...but it looks like PODER just blew the MCA and their nasty EBID out of the water thanks to district elections

but I was against the district elections because of Barry Capello forcing himself on the city without the proper vetting in the courts..the City of SB lost its nerve and thanks to the new city lawyer, Mr. Limpit, they settled..why have courts if the lawyers are gonna predict the trial outcomes or settle because they are too scared of a courtroom??

ok I'm over it since I don't even vote in Santa Barbara and don't really care..but if I did care which I don't I might make some room in my heart for district elections

I saw one of the plaintiffs, Jaqueline Inda at the PODER vs News-Press protests MLK De La Guerra...I thought she was pretty and intense as she watched the pro-News-Press boobs make idiots of themselves..

but things have changed a bit as PODER gains more clout..and Inda is associated with do I know..the News-Press told me so!!

and I haven't seen an "illegals' headline in a month of Sundays! and the News-Press printed Jaqueline Inda's polite but forceful opinion about the MCA and its obnoxious EBID preaching
has the News-Press evolved in such short time? did that euc branch finally wake up Wendy?? the News-Press has been dumbing down the news for years now maybe they be smartening up de news!! are they now pro-PODER?? of course not

open borders!!

but a story about Jaqueline and an opinion piece from her in the same issue... and Scott Steepleton wrote the story although he did slip-up with mentioning the "open border" what's wrong with open borders??

is Jaqueline Inda going to run for city council?? the days of Dale and Frank and Randy are ending...I get sick of seeing their ugly doughy little faces in the chambers....I want beauty and light on the city council and I see Inda's political star rising fast..

and she's got all these guys under her spell

me too I'm afraid


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see the News-Press backpedaling and Wendy sniveling like a bitch because a group of smart and proud 20-year olds taught them a lesson about how out of touch and arrogant they are. No more "illegals" headlines after all their meaningless grandstanding and bullshit defenses, Don Katich giving talks on free speech to Old Biddies Auxiliaries, but the paper cowering like a whipped bitch because it's circulation and advertising is so low losing money every year is nothing but a loss leader to Wendy's professional career as the "local nut." Where is your moral high ground and your stand-your-ground defense of free speech? Whoops, tucked between your legs like your tale because one Facebook site with your logo and the word "boycott" has you running scared and Scott Genis Steepleton writing theatening letters because otherwise the News-Mess might lose its last three readers. Hahahhahah. Whipped like a bitch, Santa Barbara News-Press

Anonymous said...

Poder needs to protest the Gang Banger of Commerce honcho Ken Oplinger for his published racist rant.