Monday, April 27, 2015

Bottle of Wine

fruit of the vine, when you gonna let me get sober...

Christian conservatives have loads of problems with logic...even Bill O'Reilly from Fox News admitted he didn't know what a syllogism is..and Bill claims to be a former teacher!

the basic building block of an argument, that's all..but considering that the Christian belief system is based on illogical superstition..I guess I shoulda known

the exception is the Christian Science Monitor which gives level-headed analysis of today's events, oddly enough..

so we got water issues that I warned about a few years ago..the drought is in hillbilly mode, threatening to turn us all into Okies...pack your SUVs and move to the rain forest

but according to the religious faux- Christians like Brother Caldwell over at the News-Press, the drought is caused by enviros and a lack of water storage in California....more dams and reservoirs would have solved the problem had we planned years ago...and besides God wants us to use resources and go forth and multiply..simple!

logic...if you have too many people competing for a limited supply, you're gonna have problems....the conservatives are truly desperate trying to turn the drought into a political issue...or religious issue...

but Nature has built us plenty of reservoirs called aquifers.. huge underground reservoirs of water that only get replenished when it rains...overdraft is pulling water from aquifers quicker than it is replenished...we live in a drought-prone area and it is crazy to have so many wineries and now breweries sucking us dry...

so the point is you could have tons of reservoirs in California and in a drought they would all be at low levels..and that doesn't account for evaporation rates...building more reservoirs will only give people a false sense of water security and encourage more people in a region that already is over-populated..

the drought is not limited to California but the west including Arizona, Nevada and Utah...Lake Powell is low..Mar 30, 2015 ... Lake Powell, one of the nation's largest reservoirs, is now below 45 percent of its capacity

too many people, highways and development ..that's the planning issue and the conservatives think God will provide so there's no reason to conserve...and they blame the libs

shall we go to a wine tasting in the valley today?? lovely!!

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