Friday, April 3, 2015


call it morning driving
Through the south
In an' out the valley

The Milpas Community Association is trying with religious fervor to gain converts...and sell you something...I will explain the religious connection  on Easter Sunday, thanks to a reader's comment

but last week I drove downtown and went to the Milpas area to see what all the MCA is doing or has claimed to have done to "improve " the area...I drove twenty times around the roundabout..

paint this Sharon!!!

well I see the old Milpas Post Office building still needs a paint job..where's the MCA influence there? aren't the property owners responsible for the upkeep?? of course they are..why do they need a non-profit business district that extorts money from  small business owners so the property owners can maintain their property?? it doesn't make any sense!!

and all those RVs parked, or pushed over to the side streets..sweep 'em under the rug??

the Casa Esperanza is still there ... doing work for the homeless alcohol abusers despite efforts to shut it down

but since it's a non-religious agency that gets gov't grants unlike the Rescue Mission, it gets a bad rap...and it competes for money with the God-people who bought the Rescue Mission property from the city in the 1980s...they say from donations but tax-exempt means the money flows underground, like water...who knows where it ends up and in whose pockets..and what about the murders on Rescue Mission property??

the stores on Milpas don't need the MCA to survive..they've done fine for years and years..upscaling grocery stores is just stupid..Milpas is and always will be working class and humble...and that why I love the street....

Mother Hen Sharon wants to control everything, like a church lady...but what has she done? put up some Christmas light on the roundabout?? and where would she funnel that new non-profit money??

If I saw her picking tilling the soil in the roundabout, I might feel different..sweat equity

like I said... I'll have more on these people Sunday...I've just always felt they were strange... like a cult..or zombie or maybe both..and Sunday you may agree with me..but you'll have to wait until Easter....

Easter Sunday, it will all be revealed

Go closer hold the land
Feel partly no more than grains of sand

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