Tuesday, April 21, 2015


it's a hit, don't give me that do-good bullshit

I got no problem with off- leash dogs if the dog is smart, like this little guy...I bumped into him by City Hall and he owned the sidewalk...obviously a descendent of Toto


ok, so the News-Press has never done a front page investigative story on non-profits..why? becasue many members of Team Wendy are on shady nonprofits, that's why..you got Andy and COLAB, Joe with the SB Tax Payers Association, and Lanny who still has a radio show on Wendy's AM 1290 is on the board of California Center for Public Policy..a real shady one! Lanny, Andy and Joe..the new Three Stooges!! hahahahah! n'yuck n'yuck n'yuck

the News-Press has done many stories on the homeless  and the latest was the SB city council passing yet another ordinance against the homeless folks...basically it says keep the icky homeless poor people away from white conservatives..geez..I've never seen a council so obsessed with ridding themselves of homeless...what do they expect when ATM stations are in the open, in the middle of the street...someone may need a handout..I always give a buck to someone who looks like they need it..a friendly gesture goes a long way..it's my money, I do with it as I please...

the Santa Barbara City Council really needs new blood....

speaking of handouts, on page 3 of the News-Press was a little blurb about nonprofits seeking gov't grants in tiny Buellton..the Land of Pea Soup and lost souls


I was amazed at the requests...Senior Citizens Foundations wants $50000; the Botanic Garden wants $5000; PAWS Park wants $10000; Santa Ynez Fruit and Vegetable Rescue wants $7000.... WTF is a Fruit and Veggie Rescue?? maybe an offshoot of racist #69 Animal Rescue Team...remember Julia agrees with killing non-native animals and calls Mexican immigrants "invasive species" ....it's best to keep her up in the hills, she's crazy

the point is nonprofits should raise their own funds and not rely on wasting my tax dollars without my consent..it's outrageous that these city councils are handing out large sums of money to their pet nonprofits!!

I await an investigative report on these non-profit scams from local media....I already know all about the homeless

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