Tuesday, April 7, 2015

gonna take a miracle

to make me love someone new, cos I'm crazy for you

rain today?? so they say, so they say...but it's gonna take a miracle

so on Easter Sunday the front page of the News-Press had a picture of a plane crash in a strawberry field and claimed it was a miracle...these faux-Christians pick and choose miracles like they are strawberries...but where was God during the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 kids??

and Andy Caldwell who tried to explain Easter in Sunday's News-Press Guest Opinion.."the Open Grave" in which everlasting life is only a shot away if you get in good with God..and watch out for Satan..you'll be reunited with your kin...problem is what if I don't want to be reunited with some of them??

now I see God did cause a eucalyptus branch to fall on Wendy's front gate...do you think the pre-Easter blood moon was a coincidence..or a warning

but I was thinking that Jesus was God's son and Mary was God's mother but also a Virgin..so who was God's wife? Some scholars say early versions of the Bible featured Asherah, a powerful fertility goddess who may have been God's wife...

Asherah..what a pretty name! but some say she was editied out of the bible

and who was God's dad?? and WTF is immaculate conception?? seems there was lots of wine flowing thru the bible

congratulations to the Santa Maria jury, Judge Flores and the prosecutor Kevin Duffy for seeing through Darryl Genis attempts to free yet another killer drunk...Benjy Bettencourt was found guilty for general mayhem ...the dude keeps killing chicks who drive with him...

and the Bettencourts are like the Firestones spawning stupid spoiled children who grow up to be stupid spoiled adults..

so Darryl lost the case but is unable to accept defeat because of all his bogus "wins" in Santa Barbara, will file an appeal to get Benjy back behind the wheel...to kill another girl...good luck with that...

Santa Maria has a better justice system than Santa Barbara so now may be a good time for Darryl to take that 30-day break from his fantasy law practice...

and Santa Barbara could learn a thing or two from Santa Maria about dealing with drunks and their enablers....

good job, Santa Maria!

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