Saturday, January 30, 2016

Penny Lane

is in my ears and in my eyes...there beneath the blue suburban skies...

well I don't live in England so Padaro Lane is as close to Penny Lane as I'm gonna get...get back Loretta

but I heard that Padaro Lane was flooded, so I went by to check it out...I got some high-falutin' neighbors like funny-boy Conan O'Brien just moved in so I wanna make sure they're ok not that I really care..

what  I care about is all this high surf and that surfers are having fun like I am!

but I approached the road and whoa it is the little bridge/lagoon that drains to the ocean..except the ocean tides and surf are really high so it's backing up inland, into the ditch on the side of the road where it overflows into the street...there was some confusion and controversy regarding the it a ditch or a wetlands??

I surveyed the site and concluded it's land that is wet, therefore a wetland...

rabbits run in ditches, not in wetlands

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