Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It Don't Come Easy

got to pay your dues....

so the SCOTUS is about to allow conservative public teachers off the hook.....the judges should rule according to the political compass that Koch Bros funded conservatives (teachers) who work in the public sector (schools) don't have to pay union dues...let the members who pay dues subsidize them

fat greasy conservative justice Scalia reckons that working in the public sector is political by the guy working for the city cleaning out the sewer lines is a political appointee? real sound reasoning fatman

I think the unions will be fine either way altho I expect more lawsuits when management, whether private or public, tries to screw the in point is Case Security which is being sued for labor violations..I've seen that fat old Case dude on TV doing cooking shows with Nipper and all the ususal suspects...what he should do is stop stuffing his fat face and exercise a little..what a porker!!


and on the front page of the News-Press was a teary good-bye to ex-councilman/comedian Francisco..Dale was the anti-union guy and Wendy's sycophant of the first order...his sole duty on the city council was to prevent any of Wendy's divorce money from going to city workers pay or retirement fund...that's all...what a dandy ol' Dale was!!

but union money for campaigns is no big deal....the city council members do not negotiate contracts..the city administers do..they sit down with the union and employee reps to hammer out a contract..if it's ok with the parties, it gets sent to the city council for a vote...if the city and employees agree on a contract the only reason a councilmember would vote against it is political or ideological...when Dale voted no he did so to please Wendy...

I'll never forget his support of the racist News-Press agenda last January when all those teabaggers were waving their American flags, holding their bibles and denouncing farm workers, hotel workers and busboys!!

now I watched the city council meeting as Dale said good-bye and fought back tears..geez..what a baby!! Jason Dominguez who is taking Dale's place as councilman, said Dale "was a great human being"...Jason is a lawyer so I'll let that slide for now

Mr.Wimpy and Dale:Minutemen!

I wouldn't say Dale Francisco is a great human being..I'd say he is a failed human being..

but this fixation on unions is not healthy...unions aren't going away until workers don't want them anymore and that is unlikely given all the employer abuse going on..

and one last thing to the Supreme Court: unions don't decide elections, voters do

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