Thursday, January 14, 2016


no static at all

well shit I tried to listen to AM 1290 a few times...yesterday some dude was talking about basically nothing and this morning the Baron was discussing turkey burgers and dew points and rambling on about Moose and Elk lodges....then he read the news

so I turned the little cheapo radio off and turned the big tube radio on..KTYD..rocknroll..yeah, that's better

now I used to hear the Baron on KACY Boss of the Beach from Ventura in the golden days of California and music...before that a little kid in Boston listening to Bobby Vinton..AM radio..then Baron moved to KIST and..well the thing is he was never really very good but he did have music to play back then..the best music...Stones, Beatles, Sinatra, Diana Ross, Aretha....Dylan...all those artists were coming out of the AM the DJs sounded better when they shut up and played the music...

I was always fascinated with radio and went to LA to attend some academy to learn about broadcasting but there were too many weird guys in radio back then, freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies, so I quit...but I do still have my audition tape..

a cassette from's stunning and brilliant...I coulda been Howard Stern!! but it wasn't to be

then FM hit the airwaves and I could listen to the long version of the Doors doing "Light My Fire"...had to upgrade to a nice stereo receiver like Pioneer..however my old Zenith tube radio has a look and  sound that can't be duplicated

and the LA market opened up with big stations like KMET and that's where the real talented guys got gigs..they played obscure rocknroll like Capt Beefheart and the music canvas was opened up...

but AM radio changed for the worse, lost its soul..KIST went Mexican and the other AM stations went with the white supremacists....seems every idiot with an opinion has a radio show

AM radio today is unlistenable..something is wrong with the AM airwaves... still I thank God for the radio

and especially FM

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