Sunday, January 10, 2016

you turn me on, I'm a radio

if you're drivin' into town with a dark cloud above you....

the EDHAT/News-Press kissy-poo affair continued...
KZSB (1290 AM) is a commercial radio station located in Santa Barbara, California. The station airs local news and talk, mainly from news reports of the Santa Barbara News-Press

ok so EDHAT claims they are not partnering with the News-Press and AM-1290 is not owned by Wendy but one of her pals...uh-huh

then why tell me why is it called "news-press radio" with links to the News-Press? is Wendy slipping cash under the table to the station? to her pal? these things need to be vetted!!

and the show line-up...lots of these jokers work for Wendy or have at one time or another...

now EDHAT can do what they want... it's a free country with free speech and so on... but this affiliation stinks to high's disgraceful!!

personally I's have no problem with this if it wasn't called Santa Barbara News-Press Radio...but it is

who needs the static, it hurts the head

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Anonymous said...

FCC rules prevent Wendy McCaw from owning both the News-Press and a local radio station. So she had a friend buy it and lease her back the airtime. She controls the airtime, she controls the content.