Monday, January 11, 2016

Modern Love

(Modern love) walks beside me (Modern love) walks on by (Modern love) gets me to the church on time


now something is definitely fishy....if Wendy McCuckoo doesn't own radio station AM- 1290, why is it called "newspress radio"? there's a major conflict of interest here..

but AM-1290 allegedly is owned by a dude named Dennis Weibling fromer CEO of Nextel...Dennis the Menace...and Dennis is in knee-deep with the McCaws: Craig Keith and Wendy McCaw..I think all the McCaws are McCuckoo....geez I wonder if there ever was Puke McCaw!!!

Craig McCaw is currently on the Board of Overseers for the Hoover Institution and serves on the board of The Nature Conservancy which explains the Channel Islands lunacy..and Craig can't even get his restaurant in Montecito off the ground! five years and three nails!! three Rusty Nails!!

but it seems there was a Keith McCaw who died and was worth 200 mill or so and this Dennis fella was a pal or investment advisor...Keith got rich trusting brother Craig......Craig got rich selling his Nextel stock and Wendy got rich divorcing Craig...

but Keith McCaw's story is interesting....he died in a jacuzzi in Seattle..his death remains a mystery...supposedly he died with his bathing suit on, and he was with a woman but not romantically involved with her....different versions of the scene had him covered with blood and no blood at all....very strange and many differing's two


Death of McCaw a 'crazy tragedy'; details incomplete

By Ian Ith and Monica Soto

Seattle Times reporters

Firefighters and police who responded to billionaire Keith McCaw's Lake Washington home early Sunday morning did so after a "hysterical woman" called 911, "saying someone was bleeding and drowned in a Jacuzzi," according to the police report.

Officers found Mr. McCaw, 49, in the hot tub, unresponsive. Paramedics pulled him out of the water and administered CPR, to no avail. He was pronounced dead. A police source said Mr. McCaw suffered a head injury, but investigators found no signs of foul play, no property damage and nothing suspicious.

The police report did not identify the woman who called for help

obviously the death of Keith McCaw was not natural and there was some sort of cover-up, but who can figure out these eccentric rich people?? bathing suit in a hot tub??? no ID for the woman who called 911???

so with all this incestual stuff, I'm not surprised that AM 1290 is called newspress radio..the News-Press being owned by Wendy and the radio station being owned by Dennis the Menace...but why would Dennis buy a radio station for Wendy? she certainly could afford one with Craig's divorce settlement..

per the FCC: The cross-ownership rule at least constrains these monopolists, and offers a measure of a robust marketplace of ideas essential for a democracy. Newspaper companies cannot assemble, as they wish to do now, a strong position in local television, nor simultaneous control over a community or town’s cable system or radio station

why isn't the FCC looking into this odd arrangement between Wendy and Dennis the Menace?? geez talk about special order for Wendy to maintain her perceived monopoly on the media in Santa Barbara, she has a friend buy the station AM-1290 and he calls it "newspress radio" and basically hands it over to Wendy! and she hires a bunch of religious kooks like Caldwell and Ebenstein and gives them their own radio show!! to spread right wing propaganda...and occasionally they air some public service crap like Community Alert that no one listens to...

now over at EDHAT, they stopped allowing comments for that thread...I guess that EDHAT woman didn't like the criticism...and you know what? neither does Wendy, if you criticize her or her pals, she fires or sues you!!

or censors you..

it's what happens when you start thinking you're better than everyone else

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Anonymous said...

What Edhat's Lauren Bray doesn't appear to understand is that folks don't want Edhat involved in ANYTHING remotely connected to Wendy McCaw. So, technically, Wendy doesn't "own" the radio station. And she's not likely to interfere with the content of the radio show involving Lauren. Edhat will still be involved with a program appearing on the radio station operated by Wendy McCaw and the Santa Barbara News-Press and which is advertised by the News-Press as Santa Barbara News Press Radio KZSB AM 1290. This sucks.