Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Greenback Dollar

spend it just as fast as I can

now in order for Donald Trump to have won the Iowa caucuses, he would have to get down on his knees in Des Moines and say he was a born-again Christian...but he didn't and he skipped the debate before the caucus and got Sarah Palin to endorse him..so Iowans voted for Ted Cruz..a Canadian -born Texas evangelical whose preacher daddy used to be a Castro-lovin' commie...

apparently America is a Judeo-Christian nation because according to Uncle Ben Carson, God is evoked as our Creator, in the Pledge of Allegiance as "one nation under God" and because our money, printed by the US gov't, says "In God We Trust"

Aside from constitutional objections, President Theodore Roosevelt took issue with using the motto on coinage as he considered using God's name on money to be sacrilege.


well, I looked at a 20 dollar bill and under "In God We Trust" is a picture of the White House..so the inference by our Founding Fathers is that Government is God..obviously

now remember up Santa Maria when supervisor Peter Adam and his assisitant were gettin' all riled up over some public art because it had the word "SEX" in it? Peter Adam is another one of these evangelical nuts who never stepped off daddy's farm and wants to tell everyone else how to live..well, part of a supe's job is to deal with crime in his jurisdiction...and Santa Maria is now the murder capital of the USA...they are even murdering babies and Peter Adam is worried about public art!!

I think he should sit down with another evangelical Andy Caldwell from the News-Press and figure this stuff out..

while I try to figure out Iowa

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