Thursday, February 11, 2016

Treat Her Right

you'll be glad everynight, that you treated her right

well I don't know about you but the mosquito Zika virus thing is freaking me out...remember Freaks, the brilliant horror flick pre-code circa 1932...the pinheaded gals Pip and Zip had some brain malfunction, microcephaly...but they carried it least they were funny! and adorable!

but this new virus turns babies into monsters..and unhappy SUPPORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD and get that abortion machine crackin'!!

but.. if you want good genes 100% certified then I will impregnate you..for a small fee....your kid will be healthy and I will be out the door

now, foodies and wine tasters have turned Santa Barbarans into a bunch of freaks...Nipper and Wendy share some blame...Donald Trump used the word, Pussy, to describe Ted Cruz and he's right..Ted Cruz is a pussy...every other word outta Ted Cruz is Glory to God which is the same as ISIS chanting God is Great

Nipper is a freak too! Ty Warner is a freak...Craig McCaw is a freak..and so's Mr. Wimpy and Wendy....and they ARE ALL PUSSIES TO BOOT!!

Valentine's Day is coming up and you can take your girl out for's true brunch is for freaks but there it looking at a menu for Lucky's, a restaurant in Montecito I see some interesting dishes: Fresh Squeezed OJ or Grapefruit Juice...$6/$8

Bowl of Chopped Fresh Fruit....$9...chopped fruit!!

Giant Shrimp cocktail...$22 ..a giant shrimp cocktail or a giant shrimp cocktail

Today's Soup...$10 ..ten dollars for a bowl of soup!!!!

Classic Eggs Benedict......$18..Benedict Arnold was a traitor and so are those Arizona Bundy dudes..fanatical Morman militants no better than ISIS

Wild Mushroom Omelet....$19...native or nonnative??

Brioche French Toast ....$14..well that's bit more reasonable..C'est bon!

Lucky Burger, 8 oz......$20....twenty dollars for a hamburger??? geez that's way too expensive

well you get the idea...take her out for a picnic at the beach ...treat her right

and watch out for mosquitos!

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