Wednesday, February 24, 2016

No Woman No Cry

no water, we die

what planet am I this still Earth? ok so we got that straightened out..but earth is like covered with like 70% water right..well, where's the water??

I was watching the SB City Council meeting, the drought update by the city Water Guy and Lake Cachuma is like 14% capacity, not 70% and you know what that means? we are all in big fucking means that Lake Cachuma is an unfunded liability!

and I learned the new city council member Jason Dominguez should change his name to Dumbinguez...he asks the lamest questions and for a lawyer doesn't know much about politics or city departments....then the Water Guy says the new reclaimed plant caught on fire!! geez usually it take a few months before city workers destroy a new expensive piece of equipment!

apparently the new plant uses acid to clean the media that filters the water..the old plant used air and water to backwash the filters but the problem was the old plant was designed for WATER treatment not wastewater was a prototype but still worked well for fifteen years or so..but the News-Press should have caught the fire story

so water..yeah let the fight's February 23 and about 80 degrees outside...we've had a heat wave for a week or so and it just won't quit...and El Nino hasn't brought any real rain..that last big storm was brought by Old Man Winter...

and all those new wineries are stealing good water..this region cannot support this type of doesn't have the rainfall like France or Spain does...

and growth! these stupid Republicans and some Democrats think the way to deal with too many people here is to widen the freeways!!

no brains, no headaches

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