Sunday, February 14, 2016

Take It To The Limit

one more time

watching the GOP debates I am appalled at how woefully stupid the candidates are...Marco, Ted and Ben I was happy to see Justice Scalia had the good sense to die now..and stir some fear in the conservatives who think Supreme Court justices should all be conservatives...but there's no litmus test....the Supreme Court's most basic power/function is to test laws for constitutionality, a fact lost on Cruz and Rubio, both big fans of Antonin

Antonin Scalia was a bumbling fat stupid pompous old man from Siciily or one of those other greasy places....a Supreme Court justice appointed for life by Ronald Reagan..

not that I wish death on anybody except you- know-who, but 79 is too old to be making important legal decisions about the future of America..

and the Teacher's Union can breathe a sigh of relief...some conservative scab teachers cried to the SCOTUS about dues and fees..when the teacher contract is bargained, the conservative teachers will galdly accept the raise but don't want to say their fees were part of they let the other teachers will willingly pay dues carry the freeloaders!! if the conservative teachers don't like unions, they can try teaching at a private school!!

web: With Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, the court’s conservative majority had the opportunity to make the entire U.S. public sector akin to a right-to-work zone. That would have given hundreds of thousands of public-sector workers the prerogative to opt out of funding the unions that represent them -- delivering a substantial blow to both organized labor and the Democratic Party it pours money into.

But with a 4-4 split in the court along ideological lines, there’s now a good chance that the lower court’s ruling in favor of the union will stand.

For years, conservative antiunion groups have sought to ban fair share fees, and Friedrichs provided perhaps their most sweeping opportunity yet. The group of California teachers named in the suit argued that public-sector unionism is inherently political and that being forced to pay fair share fees therefore violated their First Amendment rights. If the court agreed, no member of a public-sector union in the U.S. could be compelled to pay them.

In another 2013 interview, Scalia stated that "In order for capitalism to work, in order for it to produce a good and stable society, traditional Christian virtues are essential". Scalia son was a Catholic priest and catholic priests molested thousands of children....that is not virtuous

God killed Justice Antonin Scalia because Jesus was a member of the Carpenters Union!!

so... tonight I will have a nice spaghetti dinner with lotsa spicy meatballs in honor of Justice Antonin Scalia.....pizano!

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Anonymous said...

"God killed Justice Antonin Scalia because Jesus was a member of the Carpenters Union!!"

Hahhaha! I love watching the Republican debates. It's like watching the idiot children of some inbred race talking. Yes, these are the people Wendy loves to hobnob with. Maybe she should pay another $100,000 to have diner with Sara Palin again. That way she could discuss how much Trump paid her to stump for him. Fuck Scalia. He was as stupid as Reagan who appointed him.